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How to Sell a Home With No Real Estate Agent

Real estate agent fees can get very expensive, which is why many buyers toy with the idea of “for sale by owner” – advertising and selling a property themselves, without paying commission to an agent. Given that many homeowners have already had bad experiences with real estate agents in the past, it is sometimes an attractive idea.

But it’s a risky one. Consider the following:

  • Do you know how to market a home effectively?
  • Do you have the time and resources to screen potential buyers?
  • How sure are you that you know your home’s actual value (plus or minus)?
  • Are you aware of how to work with the real estate agents of buyers?
  • How are you at organizing your home and preparing it for showings?
  • Do you know who to call to get potential buyers to visit your home?

Price your home too low and you’ll lose the same amount you would have gained if you had an agent. Price it too high, and your home will sit for sale for months, which will send out a red flag to potential buyers in the future.

Is Selling a Home Without a Real Estate Agent Possible?

It is possible to try the for sale by owner approach. But you have to be very clear about what you need to do to sell a home, and the amount of work that goes into it.

Another option, which we provide here at Homestead Group, is the ability to buy a home with cash with no real estate agent needed, because there are no mortgages to pick through. Homestead Group has trained real estate agents that can close on a home themselves and pay associated fees. We also close homes quickly – with a cash offer that is finalized within 7 to 10 days. It’s the easiest way to sell a home without an agent.

But if your goal was to try to sell your home on the open market, it is still possible to sell the home yourself. You simply need to be ready for the hours of work that it requires, and the care that is necessary to make sure you get a fair value.

For those that are more interested in receiving a cash offer, please call us today at 916-662-1696.